Land planning combines various professional fields into one consulting application - The assessment and Documentation of a Proposed Land Use.


Ivan Zdrahal Associates, PLLC is proud of its accomplishments in this complex field.  We have been  involved in a great variety of land development projects including residential, commercial, and recreational, along with resort and golf course development.  We applied our experience and creative talents, gained through many years of professional work, to these projects.

Land development uses are influenced by regulatory and social requirements and changes.  We pay close attention to these trends in order to provide complete project evaluation to our clients.


Land development projects are financially very complex.  It is of great importance to be able to offer an informative and factual evaluation during the initial phase of the project's development in order to avoid false projections and goals.  Our combined design, regulatory and permitting expertise will assure that the needs of this phase are satisfied correctly and with confidence.

Our design strives toward distinction and excellence.  We recognize that these projects make lasting statement on the area where they will be constructed.  We combine our great sensitivity for land  and its resources with client and local needs, in an effort to develop a successful and great-looking project.


During the project's development, we constantly monitor all identified and jurisdictional issues to ensure the project can be implemented without potential costly delays.


We provide services for the following land development categories:


Representative Projects

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